Knichel is committed to providing you with useful and timely information about your options for containers sizes, equipment providers and container availability.

Typical Interior Container Dimensions

The 20’, 40’ and 45’ containers are used primarily for shipments going to the west coast, terminating at the ports of Long Beach, Oakland, Portland and Seattle. Knichel also coordinates with equipment providers and carriers to ship their equipment back to east coast ports.

20′ Container

Length: 19’ 5” • Width: 7’ 8” • Height: 7’ 9.5” • 10 pallets: 32–36,000 lbs

40′ Standard Container

Length: 39’ 6.5” • Width: 7’ 8” • Height: 7’ 9.5” • 20 pallets: 43–45,000 lbs

40′ High Cube Container

Length: 39’ 6.5” • Width: 7’ 8.25” • Height: 8’ 9.5” • 20 pallets: 43-45,000 lbs

45′ Container

Length: 44’ 6.5” • Width: 7’ 8.25” • Height: 8’ 10” • 22 pallets: 43-45,000 lbs

48′ Container

Length: 47’ 6” • Width: 8’ 2” • Height: 8’ 11” • 24 pallets: 43-45,000 lbs

53′ Container

Length: 52’ 3” • Width: 8’ 2.5” • Height: 8’ 11” • 26 pallets: 43-45,000 lbs


Equipment Providers

stacked_containers_transKnichel Logistics is committed to ensuring that your shipments are covered. Equipment availability can often be an issue, particularly from August through December, but the strong, established relationships we have with our equipment providers and vendors give us – and you – an advantage. In order to keep ahead of equipment shortages and to keep our customers happy, it is imperative to work continuously to maximize equipment usage.

Dispatching an Intermodal Shipment

stack_train_transDispatching a load with Knichel Logistics is as easy as a phone call, a fax, or a click of your mouse. Our customer service teams are available in the office from 7 am to 7 pm EST, Monday through Friday, and are ready to get your shipment on the move. Our dispatchers are also available after-hours to ensure that your needs are met.

In accordance with the Intermodal Amendment Act of 1997, please be sure to include the following information with your intermodal dispatch:

  • Shipment origin
  • Product description
  • Consignee name, address and telephone number
  • Weight
  • Piece count
  • Pick up number
  • PO number
  • Ship date

Important Things to Remember

package_transWith today’s increased security with shipping containers, both domestic and abroad, it’s important to follow some important steps when preparing your shipment.

  • Keep in mind that all shipments are shipper load, count and seal.
  • All shipments must conform to state and federal weight restrictions and laws.
  • Any fine or damage as a result of an improperly loaded trailer or container will be the responsibility of the shipper.

Ready to Ship?

To request a rate for intermodal service, complete our online form. You may also call us at 1-888-386-7450 or email us if you have additional questions.