Blocking and Bracing Your Product

Our biggest concern at Knichel Logistics is for your product to arrive in perfect condition. Below you will find some information that will be helpful in ensuring that your shipments arrive safely.

Quite often, a $20 to $30 blocking and bracing solution can prevent a $150 driver unload fee, detention charges and – most importantly – damage to your product. We suggest following the Union Pacific and Association of American Railroads (AAR) blocking and bracing general rules of thumb when shipping intermodal.

Following AAR regulations allows us to file claims with the railroad in the unlikely event of damage. Without proper blocking and bracing, the railroads will automatically deny any claim presented. (In the case of over the road shipments, there is also a need to block and brace, but not usually to the same extent as with intermodal shipping.)

Click here for diagrams illustrating Maximum Lading Capacity and Product Weights, as well as some blocking and bracing suggestions. Check out our Pallet Loading Guide as well for a great visual on the best ways to maximize pallet space on a 53′ dry van!

If you have any questions regarding blocking and bracing, please contact Jonathon Krystek at 724-449-3300 ext. 234 or via email.

Check out our informative Blocking and Bracing Guide as well for tips and guidance on properly securing your freight. We also have a checklist in this post on avoiding freight claims that runs through what you need to submit to your transportation provider in the event of product damage.

Blocking & Bracing Guide