Quantum Edge Transportation Management System

qe-logoKnichel Logistics has continued to invest in technology to be able to provide tailored solutions to best meet the needs of our customers and to enable us to perform at our highest levels.

Quantum Edge Technologies has provided us with a customized TMS that is tailored to intermodal shipping while also being strong for truck brokerage.

  • This proprietary system was created by logistics technology experts.
  • It offers highly customizable reporting for both internal and customer use.
  • It has improved employee effectiveness via its ease of use and detailed platform.
  • It offers seamless integration and automation.
  • It is adaptable and agile enough to meet all changing needs.
  • We can offer customer access to our web-based system with visibility to all shipments and tracking information.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Capabilities

The benefits to our customers and carriers from this system include the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for reporting purposes, and access to our Document Imaging System, which eliminates the inconvenience of requesting documentation via fax. 

In addition to saving time, EDI also reduces paperwork, unnecessary telephone calls, manual data entry and improves data accuracy and overall customer service. Knichel Logistics currently offers the following EDI Documents:

EDI 204

This document is used as a replacement for, or supplement to, a traditional paper bill of lading. The 204 can also be used as a load tender or a manifest. When the 204 is sent as a BOL to a carrier by Knichel Logistics, it is considered to be an exact representation of the shipment. When the 204 is transmitted as a load tender, it is considered a freight offering to the carrier and is not a binding agreement. Finally, when it is used as a manifest, it is considered to be a listing of Knichel Logistics’ freight given to the particular carrier at the time of pickup.

EDI 210

This document is used to provide an itemized detail of freight charges. It is also used as a request for payment of services and is sent to the party responsible for payment, or the bill to.

EDI 214

This document is used to report the status of a shipment to the shipper and/or the consignee. The 214 can also provide carrier performance data, pickup and delivery dates and times, information concerning shipments in transit and a variety of reference numbers (PRO number, BOL number, etc).

EDI 990

This document is used to respond to EDI 204 when it is used as a load tender. The 990 contains information regarding the acceptance, conditional acceptance or declination of a specific load tendered by the shipper. This document is normally used for full truckload shipments.

EDI 997

This document is used to acknowledge the receipt of an EDI 214 transmission. This receipt is critical in ensuring that no errors have been made on the previous 214 transmission.

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