Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best third party logistics provider in the industry. We know that this is an ambitious goal considering how competitive the transportation industry is, but goals are meant to be set high and we are continuously striving to achieve ours.

Our Vision

Since our inception, we have earned a reputation in the transportation industry as a reliable and valuable logistics provider with a dynamic, experienced staff. We strive to build and maintain lasting relationships with our carriers, so that with their help, we can provide you with the smoothest transportation experience possible. Simply put, ensuring that every job is carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner is what we do. Our vision is one that seeks to make everyone’s experiences with Knichel Logistics as seamless as possible.

Our Values

Our values go hand in hand with our mission and vision. To be the best transportation provider, we must maintain solid relationships and provide top notch communication and technology in order to result in seamless transportation experiences for all parties involved. The biggest key to achieving our goals lies in ensuring that our employees know how valued they are and by maintaining our “everyone is family” attitude. These values have persisted since the beginning of Knichel Logistics and will continue to be at the forefront in all of our developments.